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Parenting the Soul

Need to add Description: At Parenting the Soul, we know there’s no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" manual for parenting. With 8 billion people on Planet Earth, we’re no doubt bound to find some common threads and similar hurdles to overcome as parents but most assuredly, each of us also come with our own unique background, beliefs, and expectations that color our parenting experience. That’s why we believe that parenting begins with YOU (not your children)!

Our perspective that parenting is an inside job may be a bit unconventional but we have found that putting "you" at the center of your child-rearing can be one of the most rewarding, liberating and transformational experiences one can have as a parent.

Whether you’re a long-time parent or just getting started, our work is designed to reduce the stress that often comes with parenting, while showing you how to create a more loving relationship with your children...and yourself.

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Parenting the Soul

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