The client engagement membership website platform.

Is a state of the art platform that ensures client engagement, increases client graduation rates and expands client lifetime values.

Take a look at what this platform can do.

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    Proven adult education strategies and tactics

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    Gamification, certificates and point scoring

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    Responsive website design - mobile compatible

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    Industry's most powerful and automated quizzes

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    Client progress reporting

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    Client video consumption reporting

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    Super fast and secure

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    Unlimited levels for monthly subscriptions

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    Drip feed your lessons according to a schedule or as consumed

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    Client accountability automation

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    Digital badges

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    Automated internal client success and failure reporting

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    Unlimited membership levels and users

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    Automatic payment management and access removal

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    Unlimited multi-tier courses and clients

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    Private forums and user profiles

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    Email notifications

Questions & Answers.

Take a look at what this platform can do.

What is the client engagement membership platform?

It’s the most comprehensive, done-for-you, hosted membership website platform in the world.

What company do you use to host the client engagement membership platform?

The membership website platform is hosted on WP Engine.

What does done-for-you mean? And what is included in the service?

Here is what you can expect as soon as you become a client: ongoing consultation converting your old training into a proven adult education program, agreement on the design and layout, done-for-you architect, build of the site, host and update your site. You never worry again about technology!

Is WP-Engine a solid hosting company?

WP Engine is one of the world’s leader Word Press hosting solutions. It’s a leader in security, storage, speed and provides maximum uptime and unlimited scalability. They support sites with millions of visits per month.

How much time does it take to consult, design, architect and build my site?

This questions depends on the scope of work. Online courses can range from the basic to the very complex. Our projected timeline to complete the entire project for a basic online course is less then 30 days.

Can I install the membership platform on my own server?

No, the Client Engagement Membership Platform is an integrated fully hosted solution. The membership platform is hosted for you to assure quality control, provide operational, WordPress and plugin updates. As well as new adult education, gamification, automation and digital badge strategic updates.

What is the investment and is there an ongoing engagement?

The investment for the done-for-you solution is based on scope of work and varies greatly whether we are building out a basic one course platform or building something more complex consisting of dozens of courses. In addition to the initial investment there is an ongoing investment to host, manage and update the platform when necessary.

How customizable is the platform? Can I customize the branding, domain, copy and content?

The platform is fully customizable. You can use your own domain. Part of the done-for-you on-boarding process is the complete customization of all components of the platform.

How many courses can I have on my membership website?

There is not limitation to the number of courses that the membership website can handle.

How many customers can I have on my membership website?

There is not limit to the number of customers you can have on the membership website platform. The entire platform has been designed for scalability and speed. The engine running algorithms is flawlessly handling one clients site with over 30,000 members.

What is the policy if I want to end my service and leave your platform?

Your Client Engagement Membership Website Platform consists of your content and your own domain, which will always belong to you, and can be moved whenever you please. Of course, The Client Engagement Membership Website Platform provides advanced proprietary functionality that may not be available in other solutions.

Do you offer support? Telephone support?

Of course! We have a team of friendly experts ready to answer your questions and solve any problems that may come along. Simply use the support form in your customer portal, or send us an email. We also pick up the phone during normal working hours or you can leave a message.

How can my students get and display their Digital Badges?

Once a student meets the criteria for a Digital Badge, two things will happen. They will be instantly alerted to their acheivement with a Pop-Up window congratulating them and they will simultanously receive an e-mail, at the e-mail on file in the Customer Engagment Membership Platform, letting them know the badge has been awarded. The email, sent from our partner Credly, will provide a link for the student to review and accept the Digital Badge. They will be prompted to set up a Credly account if they don’t already have one. Once logged into their Credly account, they will be able to view the badge, accept it, and elect to display it on their social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, and on their resume, website, blogs or in their e-portfolio.

What Is Included In the Client Engagement Membership website done-for-you service?

In short, everything. Your membership website is completely built out by our team and hosted monthly. You never have to worry about technology again.

How much customization takes place for each membership website?

The architecture, framework and learning management course catalog and course outline require very little customization due to the reliance on their proven client engagement design and functionality. The colors, logos, image, content, courses, quizzes, achievements, badges, etc. and other proprietary collateral is all customized by our team and is completely done-for-you.