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You’re excited. You’ve decided a membership site or, online course is the way to go for you to grow your business. You envision building up your own platform and turning it into something not only stable but THRIVING.

However, the thought of creating an online course or membership site from scratch is scary!

  • What if I launch the program and I don’t get any customers? 
  • What if my price scares people away?
  • With hundreds of learning platforms, plugins, email autoresponders and other moving parts required to launch -  what is the best technology to use?
  • And how do I ensure I have a robust offering of content? How do I identify the best types of content and topics I'll need for my project? 
  • Once it's ready, how I am going to promote my course? How do I attract new customers to my course or site?

We Get You!

Getting through all these decisions is time-consuming, can be frustrating, and the fear of making a mistake stops people right on the tracks. You’re there, hoping you could just get the roadmap for success -  the pre-programmed GPS, where all you need to do is push a button and you’ll know for sure that you’ll arrive at your destination.

Fortunately, we are a global education technology leader, and this is all we do. We use proven engagement methodologies and an established step-by-step plan that leaves nothing out.  

Let us help you create your first profitable online course! 

You Need An Expert Team By Your Side From Planning to Launching Your Membership Site or Online Course

We know how hard it is to get started. We know how challenging the four core areas -- content creation, platform analysis, engagement and profits -- are to get right. 

You need to be strategic about how you set your project up for success, pair it up with proven methodologies and step-by-step guidance.

That’s why we are here for you!

Ongoing Consultation

Get off to a lightning fast start with our one-to-one consultation. On this call, we'll walk through your business goals and create a strategic plan to get started. 

Content Delivery and

We know you don’t want to settle for delivering handouts, outlines and strategy PDFs that anyone can make available to someone that hasn’t paid you!  Is it going to be video? Will you provide worksheets? Recorded webinars? We’ll go over all the different ways you can create and deliver content. Then our team will take care of creating everything for you!

LMS Platform Setup

The right LMS platform "future-proofs" your business by enabling it to keep up with technological advances. Even more than that, it determines how you store your content, how you deliver it, and how your students access your course... which is the heart of the customer experience. We show you how to get it right the first time.


We put together the best-in-class technology to turn your knowledge into an online course or membership site. This way you have a place to give your clients access to videos and downloads.

Multiple Products and Bundling

Offering multiple courses, bundling different products and managing upsells. We’ll define the exact set of products you need to create and pull students through. As students move through the levels, they'll become increasingly more engaged and your profits will inc your profits will increase. -


Truly profitable courses contain gamificationand prizification. We'll add both to your course to increase student engagement and improve client outcomes. 

We are in the business of building and managing the world's leading online education platforms and increasing some of clients results by over 600%.

At Client Engagement Academy we DO Digital Education. We aren't researchers or journalists. We are not writing about what we think is going to work. We are sharing what really works based on thousands of course corrections.  Our mission is to help more membership sites and online courses achieve sustainable business growth.

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You have zero clue about how to put all your knowledge online and only make it accessible to only people who pay?

Are you afraid of the technical side of building a membership website? Or are you too overwhelmed about which platforms or plugins to use?

Following our proven methodologies will lead you to success faster and easier than trying to blaze your own path or listening to bad advice. And the best part - you won’t need tens of thousands of students, a huge launch or expensive bells and whistles in order to see profits.

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