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Customers pay, revenues increase, and the numbers grow…

But the program eventually reaches a plateau. You’re stuck on a treadmill. You are trading time for money just to break even after your monthly losses. And increasing the rate of new members only seems to increase the number of customers who drop out.

Growing your program seems like “someday type of thing” - mainly because you’re running a one-man show.

From deciding which is the best strategy to keep customers engaged, to determining the right pricing model and which new tech you should setup, every move you make has a direct impact on how well your online business grows.  


  • Selling online courses and want to see more sales coming in every day... all without increasing your advertising spend even $1.

  • Struggling with generating consistent predictable income every month.

  • Using or want to use advanced automation systems to upsell other products to your existing customers.

  • Not satisfied with your existing technology stack.

  • Looking to increase the customer retention rate by giving students rewards for completing their courses.

  • A membership site owner looking to maximize your customers’ user experience and the backend profitability of your business.

  • An established subscription- based or online course business with monthly revenue of $100 Million or more.

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A profitable online course or membership site is all about keeping customers engaged and ensuring they have a positive student outcome. When your customer implements your content and experiences a benefit, they’ll continue coming back for more. 


Do you know the real reason why your course isn’t profitable or engaging? It’s Learner Friction™. Its why learners drop out, why people ask for refunds, and why no one finishes your course despite excellent content and design. You need to streamline the experience and make sure your customers know exactly what the “next step” is in the journey.


Your growth depends on whether your customers experienced the results you promised. Figure out what tools they need to succeed, and build those into your online course or membership site right off the bat.


Does your membership site or online course motivate your customers to complete certain tasks?  It should! Gamification is an effective way to drive customer engagement and motivate them to take certain actions, from enrolling in a course, to completing a lesson, to keep them actively participating and returning to your site.

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