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The Team Training Institute

At the Team Training Institute, we focus on helping doctors and dental teams just like you increase their production while putting patients first. We believe that if you provide world-class service that production will naturally follow.

We will analyze where your current practice – we will start with where you want your practice to be (after all it’s your business and your goals) then we will look at where you currently are, your Hygiene numbers, clinical numbers, new patient numbers. Then we will show you where your numbers should be based on your goals and your lifestyle.

Every practice and every dentist is different and without taking some time to get to know you, where you want to go, and the support that you have – everything you receive is cookie cutter – trying to force you and your practice into what someone else thinks you can and should do.

We don’t want that for you … we want to truly create a customized roadmap that will work for you!

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Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss is the founder of Client Engagement Academy, The Client Engagement Membership Platform and Internet Sales Experts. He has become one of the top experts in online sales and marketing and client engagement. Mike's Client Engagement Membership Platform is leading the global movement utilizing modern technology and proven adult education methodologies to increase client engagement and course graduation rates causing profit margin expansion.

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