World class client onboarding.

Building e-learning platforms is all we do. We have built a systemized process that feels like your are following a wizard as we take you through the consult, design, build and host phases.

Each phase has its own training course where you are taught the big picture so you can execute on the tasks on hand with speed and ease. Our team of consultants are with you every step of the way and we are continually available for help via shared screen sessions, email and project management alerts.

Each of the courses below comprise of key phases in the on boarding and buildout process.

Teamwork Training

Teamwork is critical to our systemized buildout. We have tested over a dozen project
management platforms and chose Teamwork PM because it’s the easiest for you to learn. This training will take you through the basic skill sets necessary to quickly operate Teamwork. We will be working inside Teamwork on a daily basis as we build out your site.

Technology Training

Technology is the key to providing an incredible student experience and running our platform. This training focuses on your first few action items so our team can get started right away. You will learn which are the critical software components and how they integrate into your website.

Graphic Training

Graphics are critical to the longĀ­term success of your program. The strategy and development process of your graphics package is totally systemized. During this training, you will learn about
the graphic suite, the philosophy behind the design and how to get started designing your graphics. The graphics need to be finalized before the building of your course.

Copy Training

Copywriting is a critical component to increasing client engagement. Copywriting is required in your student onboarding pathway, website, lesson pages, accountability communications, digital
badges and other areas. Like almost every process in our buildout, we created easy to follow templates to expedite the process. This training will cover the strategy behind the words and how to use the templates.

Course And Lesson Training

The course outline document is one of the most critical components of your buildout process. The course outline document is the working document used in all of our consulting meetings. It is the blueprint that our team follows in the construction of your site. You also learn about many of the advanced engagement strategies used to increase graduation rates.

Digital Badge Training

This training covers everything you need to know about Digital Badges. It is crucial to understand the psychology behind the Digital Badge and how they improve client graduation rates before initiating the development process. We will cover the power of the viral social loop, words that sell and the Digital Badge mechanics.