We Are Curriculum Developers

We understand how adults learn best online! We take any subject matter and develop an online curriculum that facilitates engagement, minimizes student dropout, and supports student learning.
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Transform Your Online Course or Membership Site Through Curriculum Development

So what if you get a lot of new customers buying your course or subscribing to your site? What makes them want to stay? What makes people want to learn more and keep coming back? The answer is ensuring high-quality curriculum! Having a clear roadmap of how your content will flow, supported by engaging content that stirs powerful emotions, coupled with effective instructional techniques, are the keys to actively engaging customers and helping them achieve their goals.

We create profitable and engaging learner experiences by matching curriculum design, along with our proven methodologies and advanced technology.

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Getting Started 

When you start working with Client Engagement Academy you gain access to a network of curriculum developers who work quickly, do great work and use a proven development framework. Our team will take time to get to know your unique needs and ensure they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Optimizing your existing content

If you already have an existing curriculum developed, we convert it into an online format & improve it.

Blend existing content with new

If you already have some existing content, but you need to expand it, we’re here to do it for you.


Creating entirely new content

If you are just starting out, we work with you to develop the course curricula from scratch, completely customized to your needs.

The Course Curriculum Development Process

Although online courses and membership sites may vary in size or subject matter, our done-for-you course curriculum development process and proven methodologies will assure that your course or membership site is a winner every time.


Content Analysis

We review your content and identify any gaps you might have in your current program. We also strip away all the ancillary stuff that’s not important. Whatever you’re teaching, we want it to have student outcomes – which leads to loyal and frequent customers for you


Plan and Organize

Using information gathered in the analysis, we pull out all of the genius of what your course solves, and we scope and sequence the presentation of the content. We make sure your program is logically structured and seamlessly flows from one topic to another.


Development of Materials

We build program materials based on adult learning principles. We help you produce the quizzes, workbooks, final exams, and all resources needed to create rich, interactive programs that promote and facilitate engaging and immediately applicable learning.


Measure and Analyze

We analyze the curriculum’s performance in order to tweak and enable its continual improvement and learning experience outcomes.

What is Stopping You From Scaling Your Business?

The use of our customer engagement methods and services will enable you to scale up quickly. We’ve created online courses for hundreds of experts like you. Our online Course Creation Software helped Digital Marketer HQ increase student completion rates from an average of 6% to 40% within two years.


Ryan Deiss, CEO Digital Marketer

“For years we wanted to get into the e-learning space and use testing, certification, gamification and badging. We didn’t know how to bring it all together. Mike Weiss strategized, built and took to market our certification program. I highly recommend Mike Weiss.”