How It Works

We combine adult learning principles, advanced technology, and best-in-class customer engagement strategies to create online courses in 60 days or less!
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Starting Your Online Course or Membership Website Should Be Fast And Enjoyable

Our step-by-step approach will effortlessly walk you through the entire process. Consult, design, build, launch and manage is what we do and you’ll benefit from our proven systems and methodologies.

    Your Proven Path to a Successful Project

    This is how we make you awesome! Once engaged, you’ll follow our tested, proven and continually optimized process to assure a successful launch of your online course or membership site.


    Collaborating with your team, we apply proven practices and creative ways to help develop the foundation for your dream platform.


    The approved concepts are put through a rigorous process and the project’s physical and digital assets are planned. Our team of curriculum designers, graphic artists, programmers, and strategists execute all elements of your project.



    Your vision and content come to life. Our team will build your course and site. Once it is built, the testing phase begins. Your site goes through a five-person 167-step checklist before we take in your first client.


    We partner with GT.NET to host all of our client sites. They run and enterprise-class data center and infrastructure for the Fortune 500 companies. We enjoy global availability and a worldwide presence.

    World Class Client Onboarding

    Building e-learning platforms is all we do. We have built a systemized process that feels like you are following a wizard as we take you through the consult, design, build and host phases.

    Each phase has its own training course where you are taught the big picture so you can execute on the tasks on hand with speed and ease.


    Teamwork is critical to our systemized buildout. We have tested over a dozen project management platforms and chose Teamwork PM because it’s the easiest for you to learn.

    This training will take you through the basic skill sets necessary to quickly operate Teamwork. We will be working inside Teamwork on a daily basis as we build out your site.


    This training covers everything you need to know about Digital Badges. It is crucial to understand the psychology behind the Digital Badge and how they improve client graduation rates before initiating the development process. We will cover the power of the viral social loop, words that sell and the Digital Badge mechanics.


    Teamwork is critical to our systemized buildout. We have tested over a dozen project management platforms and chose Teamwork PM because it’s the easiest for you to learn.

    This training will take you through the basic skill sets necessary to quickly operate Teamwork. We will be working inside Teamwork on a daily basis as we build out your site.


    Technology is the key to providing an incredible student experience and running our platform. This training focuses on your first few action items so our team can get started right away. You will learn which are the critical software components and how they integrate into your website.


    Graphics are critical to the long term success of your program. The strategy and development process of your graphics package is totally systematized. During this training, you will learn about the graphic suite, the philosophy behind the design and how to get started designing your graphics. The graphics need to be finalized before the building of your course.


    Copy writing is a critical component to increasing client engagement. Copy writing is required in your student onboarding pathway, website, lesson pages, accountability communications, digital badges and other areas. Like almost every process in our build out, we created easy to follow templates to expedite the process. This training will cover the strategy behind the words and how to use the templates.

    We guide you every step of the way!

    Our team of consultants are with you every step of the way and we
    are continually available for help via shared screen sessions, email and project management alerts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I start a project?

    The simplest way is to click here where you can tell us about your project and we’ll schedule a meeting with a consultant. There is no up-front money required to talk to us and we’ll help you figure out the best path.

    If I have an existing membership site, would I be able to move my members over to my new site that you build for me?

    Yes! The process is fast and easy. All of your existing customers will enter into a “upgrade” campaign where you announce and show all of the new features.

    Can I host my own sites?

    We require that we host your site to assure the fastest and most reliable customer experience. Additionally, our platform has been continually optimized for our hosting solution at GT.NET. Their engineers went through every line of code to perfect the experience on their hosting solution.

    Included in our hosting is the continual update of all of your technology and software. We are responsible for 99.99%+ uptime. With our hosting service you get the your site continually optimized for speed. A world class hosting partner. Our hands on and friendly tech support at your service. All of our proprietary plugins, software and scripts to maximize your students outcomes and minor updates to your site throughout the month.

    Do I host my own videos or need my own servers?

    No. Our solution is a fully hosted solution on one of the world’s fastest and reliable servers and platforms. You don’t need to host your videos either. All of our clients’ videos are hosted in their own Wistia account.

    How will the site be designed? What framework are you using?

    Our sites are all built on the best-in-class technology. Your site will be designed using the Genesis Framework on WordPress.

    How many courses can I have on my membership website?

    There is no limitations to the number of courses that the membership website can handle.

    How many free and paid members can I have?

    You can have unlimited free and paying members. You can configure access tags, which control which type of user will see specific content and courses. Depending on their profile, you display different content to each.

    What is the policy if I want to end my service and leave your platform?

    Your Client Engagement Membership Website Platform consists of your content and your own domain, which will always belong to you, and can be moved whenever you please. Of course, The Client Engagement Membership Website Platform provides advanced proprietary functionality that may not be available in other solutions.

    Do I need a shopping cart system ?

    Yes. You will continue to use your current shopping cart or order system. All of the necessary integration will be handled by our team of experts.

    What is your technology stack?

    Our Technology Stack consists of:

    Website: WordPress – Genesis (customized, fast and reliable)

    Server: GT.Net (Fortune 100 companies – fastest on world. CNN, Oracle, Dept of Defense)

    Infusionsoft – done- for- you set upMemberium – done- for- you set up

    LearnDash – Learning Management System (LMS – customized and done for you)

    Wistia video playerMobile app software programmingCustom programming and scripts

    Credly for digital badges

    Personalized Site Build For Digital Courses and Membership Site

    We build everything for you. You never worry about the technology. We build your site from your existing style guide, all images, fonts, and look and feel.


    Done- for- you solution. Every email, tag, link, and all of the purchase, accountability and upsell automation, including all of the algorithms. Build all API work and Memberium.


    Done for you.

    Course and Content Creation

    • We consult on every level.
    • We write the course, quizzes, workbooks, transcripts, and finals from scratch
    • We re- energize your current course or membership site.

    Learndash – Course Programming

    Done- for -you solution – we install everything. Tests, quizzes, achievements, point scoring, leaderboards, final exams.

    Digital BadgesWistia

    We build all of the video website content for you and all of the coding, etc.

    Audio Player, Workbooks and Transcripts

    Done- for- you installation of audio from your video.

    What Is "done-for-you"?

    • Personalized WordPress elearning website design
    • Infusionsoft or Active Campaign Programming
    • All graphics and copywriting for elearning website
    • Accountability email installed
    • Tag-based reports installed
    • Badge and diploma copy
    • Algorithms: Onboarding and engagement automation
    • Website speed optimization
    • BuddyPress ForumsFree and paid directories
    • Coaching and reporting portal (coming soon – extra add-on)

    What are some of the features and functions of the platform?

    Website Functionality:

    • Unlimited Membership Levels and Users
    • Automatically block access to contacts with failed payments
    • Multi-level memberships ( ex. gold / silver / bronze )
    • Paid and free membership levels
    • Customers create sub-accounts for their family, team, students, company
    • Drip content on your custom schedule
    • Separate home pages for each membership level
    • Dynamic content displayed based on membership or tags
    • Support multi-level parent and child accounts
    • Prevent concurrent logins and sharing
    • Self-service payment, cancel and update credit card functionality
    • One click upsells and purchases
    • Unlimited payment plans and recurring subscriptions options

    After the site is built, do you continue to help us?

    Ongoing Consulting

    • Learner real-time reporting, comprehension & engagement analysis
    • Revenue Optimization
    • Product Roadmap
    • 99.99%+ uptime, site maintenance & updates
    • Site speed analysis, optimization & performance tuning
    • Amazing 24/7 customer support with phone numbers

    What Does Your Consulting Consist Of?


    • Product Pricing Strategies
    • Product ascension model and course profitability analysis
    • Multiple membership level pricing, profitability and upsell
    • Structural course and lesson curriculum design
    • Quiz and final exam design How to get leads for free
    • Digital badges, gamification, and leaderboardsLearner onboarding, automatic accountability, and communication
    • Learner engagement and course completion rates
    • How to get branded as a global leader
    • Copywriting, Graphics & Design
    • Mobile app creation
    • LMS course and user interface design
    • Mobile optimization and phone app design

    Ryan Deiss, CEO Digital Marketer

    “For years we wanted to get into the e-learning space and use testing, certification, gamification and badging. We didn’t know how to bring it all together. Mike Weiss strategized, built and took to market our certification program. I highly recommend Mike Weiss.”