Engagement Profit Formula™ – Client Engagement Academy

Another one of our proven methodologies is the Engagement Profit Formula. This formula consists of several elements that help keep students interacting with their courses. These elements include the following:

  • Gamification – using point scoring, leaderboards, and achievements, Gamification gives courses the competitive edge they need to fuel students drive to do better and faster.
  • Digital Badges – as mentioned in the Viral Social Loop, Digital Badges map out the milestones and goals of a course for a student and create free leads by students sharing their achievements on social media.
  • Dual client pathway algorithm – Lets students learn at the pace they want and automates client accountability. Some courses require people to wait a certain amount of time between lessons of their course. This limits those type A personalities that like to consume vasts amount of information in small bursts. By letting students progress through the modules at the pace they are comfortable with, you allow people with multiple learning styles to use your course.
  • Automated Client Accountability sends students reminders to keep up with their coursework when they fall behind. It’s like that trainer at the gym who always makes sure you do one more set of push ups. Without the trainer their, the client ends up spending most of their time in the sauna. Automated client accountability is the head looking over your shoulder to make sure you are on track.
  • Reporting – This is a key to creating a friendly user interface for your clients. Whenever a client logs into your course website, they should know exactly where they are in terms of completing their courses. By tracking what lessons students stop in or what segment in a video the student stopped at, they are able to seamlessly pop in and out of their courses.
  • Quizzes and Certification – Quizzes create benchmarks to verify students are retaining information. Certification gives student recognition of reaching a certain level of mastery to either practice or teach others in certain subjects, bringing weight credibility to the course.
  • Experience-Based Branching – When you have courses at multiple levels of mastery, it’s important to have a way for more experienced learners to differentiate from the novices in a certain subject. Experience-based branching acts as a placement test to make sure that students begin learning from the point that they are taking in the new information they want. 

There’s no point in building a membership website if it isn’t going to put cash in your wallet. With the Engagement-Profit Formula™, you’ll be able to attract more members and keep them engaged and involved in your site so that they stick around and continue paying for longer.

This formula consists of the exact set of products you’ll create and pull students through. As students move through the levels, they’ll become increasingly more engaged, and your profits will increase.