The beauty of us hosting your website is that you will ever have to deal with a technical issue again. The services that come with our hosting are top of the line compared to third party services. With our hosting service you get:

No limits or restrictions with your hosting
Unlimited tech support
Our proprietary plugins
Constant updating of plugins and security

We also become your second tier of customer support. We track student movement through the course to make sure that they aren't getting stuck at any points, and if they do, we step in and make the necessary changes to make a clearer client pathway. When students complain about technical issues, we step in right away to take care of the problem. Time is of the essence when fixing bugs because if three people are reporting an issue, thirty other people are dealing with it that are getting frustrated and dropping out of the course. 

Another benefit of becoming part of our hosting group is that we've got a constant feedback loop of around thirty customers that have tens and tens of thousands of customers all over the world that are constantly in our platform. So what we're looking to do is not only make incremental improvements based on customer feedback loop through our customers, but we also get new customers that are saying, hey, I want to create directories, I want to create a mobile APP, ect. so every time we get a new customer asking us to do a new thing, of course we can do it and then we can actually offer those new items as add-ons for all the customers as well. So it's like a big family that we create.

The power of us managing and servicing your account once it's live. We are servicing thousands of our customers, and we have a proprietary feedback loop of what’s working, and what’s not and then we make incremental improvements. You benefit because we are one family and as we make improvements, additions, add new functionality we roll that out for you and your customers.