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Parenting the Soul

Company NameLaunch ProjectParenting the SoulNeed to add Description: At Parenting the Soul, we know there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” manual for parenting. With 8 billion people on Planet Earth, we’re no doubt bound to find some common threads and similar hurdles to overcome as parents but most assuredly, each of us also come […]

SFK Academy

Company NameLaunch ProjectSFKWelcome to SFK Academy! Bring SFK to your community! Get certified to teach SFK!We are dedicated to helping children develop emotional and spiritual wellness, where the essence of every human is seen and honored, and where all children develop resilience, empathy, and self-worth alongside math and reading.SFK has the power to transform lives. […]


Company NameLaunch ProjectAmerican Institute Of Certified Tax Planners (AICTP) chevron-right See it Live! The AICTP offers the only certification designed to demonstrate your commitment to expertise and knowledge in the tax industry. By remaining current with your certificate, you show prospective clients and employers you go above and beyond the minimums required by the state […]


Company NameLaunch ProjectNO B.S chevron-right See it Live! Founded by the legendary direct marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, over 40+ years ago, GKIC has been showing small business owners and entrepreneurs the often less-traveled road that is paved in freedom. When 93,417 businesses, in 167 countries, in just about every category including; services businesses, those with […]

Bill Baren Coaching

Company NameLaunch ProjectBill Baren Coaching chevron-right See it Live! We provide high-leverage training programs, events, and coaching for entrepreneurs like you who are ready to transform your business & life in ways you may not yet have imagined, to expand your impact and reach, and radically expand your income. Most importantly, we help entrepreneurs like […]

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