Theta University

ThetaUniversity is a place where ThetaHealers® come together to confidently grow their ThetaHealing® practice, align with their soul’s purpose, expand their intuitive and healing abilities, and transform the world.

ThetaUniversity is an online continuing education site for ThetaHealers® who have already completed a certification course. This site helps them deepen their practice, hone their skills, and step up into their spiritual abilities.

As ThetaHealers®, we know that when we incorporate the ThetaHealing® system into our lives, we not only thrive, but we become a source of inspiration and change in the world. It is our mission to support each member to reach this greater purpose. With ThetaUniversity, it has just become a lot easier!

ThetaUniversity provides the support, nurturing and guidance needed to stay spiritually connected, manifestation-focused, and mindset-elevated. And we have the most amazing community that is filled with unique, spiritual, driven and inspiring people just like you!

At ThetaUniversity, you are connected with some of the most experienced ThetaHealers® in the world, and the highest level of certification. You are never too far away from getting your questions answered, the support you need to make those big breakthroughs, and a built-in community that provides a compassionate environment for transformation.